Multiple Listing Service Thailand

Become a member of the most comprehensive real estate network in Thailand. Our MLS Network allows you to maximize your potential selling power. Now more than every, technology has become the driving force to selling real estate. According the US-based National Association of Realtors, over 80 percent of homebuyers use the Internet.

Thailand MLS Concept

The MLS is multiple listing services where real estate professionals are able to share or co-operate in property sales. In many ways, our MLS system is a marketing channel targeted towards the real estate professionals. Homes are posted to the multiple listing service where it is viewed be other real estate agents. Data within the MLS is accessible for members only.

Features of the MLS

Post and view detailed property information and photos Advance property search tool Share / cooperate listings with other real estate agents (members) Post and view commission information View showing and contact information

Benefits of the MLS

The benefit of using an MLS system is to promote better communication and collaboration. With the MLS, real estate agents can become more efficient in servicing their clients and customers. For your buyers, real estate agents can quickly search through the inventory of homes that would closely match the homebuyers’ requirements. The MLS will also provide showing instructions as well as commission offered if the property is sold. For your sellers, real estate agents can quick post new home listing to other real estate professionals. The MLS helps promote professionalism, and transparency within the real estate community. By adhering to our high standards and ethics, ASEAN REAL ESTATE members will become recognized as trusted real estate agents in Thailand.