42. 44. 99. Pit Bulls Up In Smoke 671.9998 Being a top food competition naturally attracts media coverage such as Food Networks Chef Michael Symon, as seen here at the Kids Que competition. The Royal is also where the Kansas City Royals baseball team gets its nickname. The show grew, developed and was eventually named the American Royala nod to the established royal livestock shows popular in Great Britain. The sauce and restaurant continue their success. 96. 59. Simply put, she's smokin hot. The more than 180 grand championships and 1,700 BBQ trophies he's won as chief cook of Jack's Old South Competition Bar-B-Que Team have something to do with that. Meadow Valley BBQ 683.4286 Bobby took home a James Beard Award for "America's Classics" in 2006, an honor given to regional establishments treasured for their quality food, local character and lasting appeal. The restaurant was situated initially in the same neighborhood. Serial Griller 663.4278 72. The main attraction for carnivores and barbecue lovers, the World Series of Barbecue is just that: the end-all be-all competition that decides the best cue smokers on the planet. There's No Place Like Sm - 686.2858 5. Wild Bunch Butt Burners 666.8574 The most sensational moment of 2009 was when Plowboys returned to the American Royal Invitational. The event also honored the 2020 Hall of Fame inductees in person, since last year's event was canceled. or redistributed. Hobbies | Todd enjoys cutting timber on his farm. Prairie Smoke & Spice BB 661.1426 98. 2003 -2012 BBQ-Brethren Inc. All rights reserved. ASAP 672.5714 2nd Place Beans! 2022 American Royal World Series of Barbecue. Verti-Bray BBQ 644.5712 Snow's shot out of obscurity when a reader reached out to Texas Monthly after its 2003 barbecue issue (a top-50 ranking done every five years) and TM writers blew it out of the water in 2008. Hes been called "the New England Patriots of barbecuing. Bare Bones BBQ Team 649.1420 (Photo by Forsyth Imaging), Despite a little heat (and some heated competition), the weekend was a success. The American Royal Association today announced the 2014 class of inductees to the Barbecue Hall of Fame: Henry Perry, Pat Burke, and Ray Lampe. Kansas City-style barbecue refers to the specific regional barbecue style of slowly smoked meat originating from Kansas City in the early 20th century. To competition BBQ smokers it is most likely the biggest event on their competition schedule. The American Royal World Series of Barbecue will welcome the public Sept. 30 and Oct. 1 at Kansas Speedway. In the last couple of years Plowboys became famous for its BBQ nachos, a knockout combination of freshly fried tortilla chips, sour cream, jalapenos, cheese sauce made in-house and (of course) slow-smoked pulled pork or brisket. Louie Mueller retired in 1974 and died in 1992, but he remains one of the gods of Texas pitmasters. Known to most as The American Royal it is officially titled the World Series of Barbecue and is the fall BBQ contest hosted by the American Royal, a Kansas City based series of exhibitions featuring high level competitions in livestock, rodeo, equestrian and of course Barbecue. 83. Shiggin & Grinnin 693.7144 Hobbies | Todd is active as a Boy Scout leader and enjoys woodworking. 110. The recipes are perfect, the barbecue is mouthwateringly delicious to every bite and the awards start coming fast and thick. 15. Hog-It-Up BBQ 668.5712 Read millions of eBooks and audiobooks on the web, iPad, iPhone and Android. Beer Meets Grill 657.7138 a credentialed journalist blatantly ripped off his pavement-pounding work. Experiences competing or visiting, questions, getting started, Equipment, announcements of events, Results, Reviews, Planning, etc. In order to qualify, the teams had to win a state championship against at least 25 teams or a competition of 50. Gates also expanded its footprint in a more conventional way, with restaurants all displaying certain common featuresred-roofed buildings, a recognizable logo (a strutting man clad in tuxedo and top hat) and the customary "Hi, may I help you?" Dodge County Smokers 673.7138 QSS Smokin 637.1426 Loved seeing everybody and promoting Fireboard! 88. Their competition team, Slaughterhouse Five, ended up winning eight Grand Championships, including the prestigious American Royal BBQ, three Reserve Grand Championships, and the KCBSs Grand Champion Team of the Year in 1993. Kansas City and Memphis barbecue styles are somewhat similar, although Kansas City tends to use more sauce and a wider variety of meats. 151. 128. He entered the Invitational competition that covered 4 different kinds of BBQ meat. 112. Mod, can I be set up to edit my original post? Mels BBQ 685.1428 Slap Yo Daddy BBQ 662.8572 Charlie took over the Perry restaurant in 1940 after Perry died. The only person to win the World Hog Championship three years in a row, shes the author of Smokin in the Boys Room: Southern Recipes from the Winningest Woman in Barbecue. The American Royal in the present helps create scholarships, educational programs, and community outreach programs. Posted on October 6, 2022 by, December 5, 2022 at 12:47 pm by, November 28, 2022 at 3:43 pm by, October 20, 2022 at 2:49 pm by, September 9, 2022 at 10:47 am by, August 11, 2022 at 3:46 pm by, How a FireBoard can simplify HACCP programs, How a professional chef uses a Spark at home, Smoking a Turkey with a Kamado and FireBoard, Labor Day 2022 Session Share Contest Winners, The FireBoard App, Part 5: Wearables and Smart Speakers, The FireBoard App Basics, Part 4: Session Share, The FireBoard App Basics, Part 3: Analyze. Burnin Down The Hog 667.4282 50. [27], In 2018 they appeared on an episode of Steve Harvey's Steve in a segment titled "The Queens of Barbecue. Jacks Old South 662.2852 The American Royal is more than just a barbecue contest. "[28][29], In March 2019 the sisters and the barbecue were featured on the third season of American television series Queer Eye,[30] which was filmed in and near Kansas City. Located on East Truman Road in the Kansas City suburb of Independence, Missouri, Curt's has been a large competitor in many local barbecue competitions. 65. 8. Points of Interest & Landmarks, Churches & Cathedrals. greeting belted out by its employees as patrons enter. 97. The competition was fierce in all four of the primary categories pork shoulder/butt, pork ribs, chicken, and brisket but in the end it was Rio Valley Meat BBQ that walked away with the top prize in the American Royal World Series of Barbecue Open competition on Sunday, September 15! Perry's sauce had a somewhat harsh, peppery flavor. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. The winner of the American Royal open competition went to Last Call Heroes from Pierre, South Dakota. 44. Henry Perry is credited as the originator of the style, as two of the oldest Kansas City-style barbecue restaurants still in operation trace their roots back to Perry's pit. Q Pig BBQ 667.9998 shop 119. [15] There are also locations in Olathe, Kansas and Leawood, Kansas. LavaLock 4 probe Automatic BBQ Controller w/ 35 cfm variable speed fan for sm & med smoker pits. Basically an encyclopedia of barbecue, Vaughn joins the stellar Texas Monthly food editorial team for what is, hands-down, the best barbecue coverage in the country. They began shipping their barbecue nationwide in 2000, and in October 2006 they opened a fourth location on The Country Club Plaza. 35. Sign up for our Newsletter to get the latest FireBoard news, tips & updates! The annual barbecue competition was canceled in 2020 due to concerns involving the COVID-19 pandemic.. 136. (Photo by Wai Chan), Another Saturday event was the official induction ceremony of new members of the Barbecue Hall of Fame. 66. Fiorella's eldest son Jack worked with his father until 1974, when he and his wife Delores opened their own Smokestack location in the Martin City neighborhood of south Kansas City.[10]. hugely influential in promoting barbecue as a culinary art. The American Royal Association today announced the 2013 class of inductees to the Barbecue Hall of Fame: Adam Perry Lang, George Stephen Sr., and Myron Mixon. 47. Each episode crowned a regional champion of the BBQ style for that state. 36. Inhognito 666.8568 Cookston is not only the winningest woman in barbecue, shes one of the winningest barbecue cooks overall. All are in store (plus so much more) during the American Royal, an iconic, 110-plus-year-old event that spans almost the entire fall season, featuring more than 40 activities and attracting visitors from across the country. It has a long history of award-winning barbecue, having won eight times the American Royal barbecue competition, the largest in the world. Little Pig Town 662.2852 Brandon preteen places second in American Royal World Series of BBQ in Kansas City (Garrett family) By Garrett Busby. The formal induction ceremony will take place on the main stage of the World Series of Barbecue Championship event at the American Royal Complex on Saturday, October 5th, at 7:00 pm. Plowboys BBQ proved once again that they can compete with the best in the world. Congratulations to everyone who competed and stay tuned for our own recap of this amazing event! Pitmaster JP of team Lift, Tilt, Stagger BBQ tracks his cook with a FireBoard. Head Country (Paul) says they've won the Invitational twice, listed 1994 as one invitational win. 70. It closed and was for sale as of July, 2018 after seventy years of operation. 40. Bunch Of Swines 658.8570 31. Pig Newton 669.7140 This is where all six judges independently give perfect scores. 28. The year finished with Plowboys placing fifth in the Kansas City Barbecue Society (KCBS) Pork Team of the Year. Humans being smart, the first thing they probably did after discovering fire was to throw some meat over it. Blazin Buttz BBQ 673.1424 Along the main inner wall of the restaurant is photographic history of many famous politicians, actors, actresses and sports figures and other tribute pictures of military personnel displaying Arthur Bryant's memorabilia such as shirts or bottles of sauce. Two sauces, Sweet 180 and En Fuego, followed in 2012. 62. 149. En Fuego is described by Todd as the kicked-up cousin of Sweet 180starting sweet and ending sassy.. 10 BBQ and Grilling Cookbooks Everyone Should Own, Easy Smoked Pulled Pork Recipe, So Good You'll Slap Yo Mama, 2019 American Royal World Series of Barbecue Open Results, american royal world series of barbecue 2018 invitation results, Reverse Seared Strip Steaks with Bacon and Blue Cheese Butter, American Royal World Series of Barbecue Invitational Results 2019 . Wildcatters Q Crew 665.1426 85. One2bbq 654.2858 home 147. Thanks to some of our friends who help us host one of the biggest competitions in international barbecue. Eventually Jack, along with his wife and children, decided to expand their menu selections, adding non-traditional barbecue menu items like hickory-grilled steaks, lamb ribs, crown prime beef ribs,[11] and fresh, hickory-grilled seafood, along with an extensive wine and bar selection. Jeff and Joy opened Oklahoma Joe's Bar-B-Que (later renamed to Joes Kansas City Bar-B-Que) in a gas station in Kansas City, Kansas in 1996. One of the teams competing in this year's . IAB 30 BBQ 677.1424 Butchers Daughter BBQ 633.7142 Quotes displayed in real-time or delayed by at least 15 minutes. 3 Woodys BBQ 653.7140 Smokey Ds Wannabees 689.1426 A private pre-induction celebration toasted the new Hall of Fame members and featured a room full of former inductees, including Myron Mixon, Melissa Cookston, Tuffy Stone, Chris Lilly, Ardie Davis, Pat Burke, Paul Kirk, Carolyn Wells, and David Knight, with Ray Lampe (aka Dr. BBQ) playing host.Saturday night, the American Royal Invitational winners were announced. Theyve elevated our primordial instinct into something amazing, and theyre in a class of their own. 7. B@T BBQ Cook Team 644.5706 Jiggy Piggy 661.1426 67. Sizzlin Bones BBQ 633.1422 Gillys BBQ 676.5712 [1] The Kansas City-style sauce is characterized by a thick, sweet sauce derived from brown sugar, molasses, and tomatoes. Dead Pigs Tell No Tales 652.5716 85. On Friday night, the event kicked off with dozens of small and large parties. Nickle Boys BBQ 648.5714 64. 58. Circle R Cookers 667.4288 435 Magazine declared Plowboys the first KC BBQ joint to operate in three states: Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska. Buffalos BBQ 670.2854 Velvet Smoke BBQ 663.4286 Four Q 646.2852 Not to mention the company party. John Mueller Meat Co. is his latest venture, and while John himself isn't winning any popularity contests, there's no denying he has serious cook skills and that the legendary Mueller family drama is now firmly rooted in American barbecue history. You can hear Duffys entire interview HERE. 20. The Travel Channels BBQ Crawl show featured the restaurant in 2014 and The Pitch awarded Plowboys with Best Burnt Ends in KC. KANSAS CITY, Mo. Woven through the history of Kansas City since 1899, the American Royal provides opportunities for youth and adults from around the country to compete in our Livestock Show, ProRodeo, Horse Shows and the World Series of BBQ. You must be of legal drinking age to enter this site. 120. The KC Masterpiece recipe uses extra molasses to achieve its thick, sweet character. From September 12-15, nearly 500 teams assembled at the Kansas Speedway for the 40th Anniversary American Royal World Series of barbecue, the worlds largest BBQ contest. 39. TO FIND OUT MORE ABOUT RESPONSIBLE CONSUMPTION, VISIT RESPONSIBILITY.ORG AND OURTHINKINGABOUTDRINKING.COM. 100. 94. This site uses cookies. I think we all had a good time. "Miss Tootsie", 80, was called by Texas Monthly as the "first lady of Texas barbecue" and "possibly the greatest female pitmaster in Texas history. 143. Want to improve your backyard or competition bbq: check out these classic DVDs https://cookingupastory.com/category/dvds Filmed in Memphis and at the Kansa. Updated, video link added. Hot Meat Smokers 651.9998 52. Butcher BBQ 667.9998 With a wide, Thawing Safety If you were not able to get a turkey from your local butcher shop, you will need to properly thaw your frozen turkey. Buddy, Courtney (left) and Henry showing off his new favorite sticker (right). SERIAL GRILLER 670.2850 Pelletheads.com 668.0000 Deal with it. They've elevated our primordial instinct into something amazing, and they're in a class of their own. Congrats to all! 27. 2023 KCCR-AM | Riverfront Broadcasting LLC. [18] It was also named "Kansas City's Best Barbecue" by Zagat. 48. Vaughn was the subject of some controversy a while back when a credentialed journalist blatantly ripped off his pavement-pounding work. Architectural Buildings. Pitmaster Jared Williams leads team Spit Fire Q and their monster smoker. http://www.bbqdan.com/events/americarall_open.html, Lotta Bull "U" Competition Cooking Class!!! Long time FireBoard user Ed Jenkins at right, and Smoke on Wheels Andy Groneman checking out some of the high end equipment on display at the American Royal. Sunday was all about competition, with the day focused on the American Royal Open. About 470 teams cooked up chicken, ribs, pork, and brisket. After winning the most important and respected barbecue competition in the world, Todd and Randy continued to compete and win contests over the next two years. His brisket is renowned (Aaron Franklin uses his technique), and his secret sauce recipe was two decades in the making. Many teams also competed in ancillary categories, including turkey (aka Turkey Smoke), baked beans, vegetables, and desserts.The Last Call Heroes BBQ team from South Dakota won the Grand Champion prize at the Open, while Hogline from Minnesota won Reserve Grand Champion. 19. 4 Legs Up BBQ 666.8572 They won their first Grand Championship in Kearney, MO and were named the Show Me State Team of the Year. The Royal is also where the Kansas City Royals baseball team gets its nickname. Thanks Ed! [5], Most types of barbecued meat served in other American cities known for barbecue, including pulled pork, brisket, beef ribs, chicken, and pork ribs in a number of different cuts, are served in Kansas City-area barbecue restaurants. 73. 3. House Of Q 666.8570 *On Topic Only* Discussion regarding all aspects of Competition BBQ. 21. [citation needed]. 86. Maximum Loin 669.1424 It closed and was for sale as of July, 2018 after seventy years of operation. S&S BBQ 641.1428 Burnin Down the Hog 662.8572 Velodrome Andre Petrieux. Hobbies | Sally enjoys gardening and practicing yoga. 51. Todd also began selling his Yardbird Rub, an award-winning blend of spices that balanced sweet and salty with a bit of heat. 41. America's Finest BBQ Cook-Off KCBS Results 2019 September Crown Point Park San Diego California American Royal BBQ Cook-Off Teams Invitational Results Open Results 2002 October Kansas City, Missouri American Royal BBQ Cook-Off Results, article by Dan Cannon Invitational Results Open Results 2003 October Kansas City, Missouri 142. Great Grills O Fire 679.9992 KC pride at work, and a nod to the Royals. Powered and implemented by FactSet Digital Solutions. Hog Tide Bar-B-Que 687.4284 He loves camping with his family and going to hockey games. 34. smoke on this 672.5710 113. Accompanying friends at the American Royal and The Great Lenexa BBQ Battle[14] inspired Jeff Stehney to start cooking on his own. 84. Smokestack BBQ in Martin City soon became one of the most successful restaurants in the Kansas City metro. Canadian Bakin BBQ Team 631.4280 TheBBQSuperstore.com 666.2856 Meanwhile, a two-day festival dubbed the Cowtown Family Fun Fest accompanies the competition, offering everything from live music performances and a car show to a poker tournament and a petting zoo. Together, the Millses co-authored the James Beard Award-nominated book Peace, Love and Barbecue: Recipes, Secrets, Tall Tales, and Outright Lies. 9. 79. The Smokehouse Mafia 674.2852 77. 59. 98. B&B BBQ and Catering, ll 667.9994 Jones Bar-B-Q is an independent barbecue joint on Kaw Drive in Kansas City, Kansas, owned by Deborah and Mary Jones. 129. (Photo by Wai Chan). 144. 122. 37. A competition for future competitors. Fountaine, one of the first true celebrity pitmasters in the country, has manned the pits at Louie Mueller for almost 40 years. Shake n Bake BBQ 669.7142 Iowa Outlaws BBQ 676.5710 The World Series of Barbecue, for many teams, is about reconnecting with old friends and making new ones all while cooking up a storm. BRR Architecture 662.2854 The state has a long history with agriculture dating to before statehood, when cattle drives frequently cros. Working for Henry Perry was Charlie Bryant, who in turn brought his brother, Arthur Bryant, into the business. Texas Pepper Jelly 649.1428 Political Pork 655.9998 The View of the American Royal at night: a cloud of fragrant smoke billowing over the the competition grounds. 9. The franchises were successful for a few years, but have since all closed. Sticks-n-Chicks BBQ 657.7144 53. As the Kansas City Chiefs were looking for new, local BBQ options to replace the void left by Jack Stack BBQ at Arrowhead, Plowboys BBQ was their first call. Master Series Team of the Year; . 6. Clear skies by day: A view of the competition on Saturday afternoon. 80. 1st Place BBQ Sauce Jack Daniel's World BBQ Championship, 1996 Grand Champion Oklahoma State Championship, Ponca City, 1993 Grand Champion Sunflower State Championship Kansas City, 1993 Grand Champion McClouth Kansas, 1993 Grand Champion Arkansas State Championship Holiday Island, 1993 Grand Champion Oklahoma State Championship Tulsa, 1993 The first time in the history of the contest that the same team is awarded Grand Champion of BOTH the Open and Invitational contests. The Pitch awarded it runner-up for Best Only-in-KC BBQ Dish and INK Magazine listed it as one of the items on its BBQ Bucket List and Best Things We Ate in 2015.. ", The "Godfather of Barbecue" and his competition team Smokin' Triggers, comprised of himself and his wife, Trish, is the only two-time Grand Champion of the Jack Daniels World Championship Invitational. Big Poppa Smokers 692.5716 Lost Gonzo Too BBQ 646.2856 Munchin Hogs @ The Hilto 669.1424 28 Smokin Returns II cooking as Low Life BBQ 689.0512, 75 OINK, MOO & COCK-A-DOODLE DOO 681.1540, 78 Traeger Grills - Utah BBQ Company 681.0400, 109 Traeger Grills - Meat Church 676.5484, 117 Smokeface Grillahs - Australia 675.8740, 271 SMOKIN ACES@THEBBQSUPERSTORE.COM 653.6568, 276 Rotary A La Parrilla Fest Champions3A Chulengo Smo 653.0972, 303 The Beard and The BBQ - Australia 647.8976, 345 Pancho, Cisco, The Kid & Company 639.4628, 360 3 BRATS AND A COCKTAIL WEENIE 636.4568, 373 kc windustrial pipe dream smokin team 632.5144, 379 The Dirty Underwear Gang %231 631.2452, 382 Extreme Pork Competition BBQ 630.3200, 429 Scott Rice Pork Inspired - 'Mike's Magic Smoke' 606.8000, 464 Sorella Group Specialty Contractor 447.3484, 467 Been There, Done That Barbecue 165.6460. about 82. 2008 introduced a new spice rub, Bovine Bold, and a series of wins. Could season two of BBQ USA be in the works? Congrats to Shiggin & Grinnin on winning the biggest bbq event in the world! Master Of Disaster 657.1424 Spicewine Ironworks 664.0002 By 1993, Jeff, his wife and business partner Joy, and Jim "Thurston" Howell were ready to make their mark on the KCBS competition circuit. Points of Interest & Landmarks. Trash Can Cookers 659.4282 Location: Houston, TX. 124. One party we stopped by was the Pork N Boots fundraiser, where we enjoyed delicious bites from Kansas City-based Buck Tui BBQ, Night Goat Barbecue, and Plowboys BBQ. 2023 FOX News Network, LLC. Favorite Menu Item | Brisket sandwich with side of cheesy pototoes. Quetessen 676.5712 16. Little Pig Town 683.4284 In Lynchburg, folks say barbecue is an art unto itself. KC Masterpiece was sold to Kingsford charcoal in 1986 and now claims to be the number-one premium barbecue brand in the U.S. Mike Mills is "The Legend" a four-time World Champion and three-time Grand World Champion of Memphis in May, Grand Champion of the Jack Daniel's World Invitational Barbecue Cooking Contest, a Barbecue Hall of Fame inductee and the recipient of a host of other accolades. Bush Kitchen 634.8566 Ponderosa BBQ 669.1430 The competition was fierce in all four of the primary categories pork shoulder/butt, pork ribs, chicken, and brisket but in the end it was Rio Valley Meat BBQ that walked away with the top prize in the American Royal World Series of Barbecue Open competition on Sunday, September 15! [31] Both they and the restaurant received a makeover, and they started bottling their sauce. [17] Joe's was featured on Season 3 of Man v. Food in August 2010. A precursor to the much larger American Royal Barbecue Open, the Invitational features those teams who have won a grand championship at a sanctioned barbecue contest over the past year, cooking up their very best chicken, pork ribs, pork shoulder/pork butt, and brisket in an attempt to gain ultimate bragging rights, a really cool crown and Plowboys BBQ returned to Arrowhead for a second Chiefs season providing BBQ to hungry fans in the Chiefs Hall of Honor. 97. [16] Men's Health magazine named it America's manliest restaurant. 12. ZBQ 669.7136 Hobbies | Audrey enjoys camping and traveling with her family. Great Blog Post! 92. Hint: Its all about the low and slow.. 2. Fun stories about food, relationships, the great outdoors and more. Three local teams compete for bragging rights, and a $2,000 prize donated by Jack's Old South. The Bullhorn and Blue Hat Crane crews also won the award in 2018 and 2019, showing they seriously know how to party. 11. He took orders for 100 more smokers and since then, it has been a growing ride year-by-year. MARK YOUR CALENDARS OCTOBER 13TH and 14TH, 2023 . 1. 93. 33rd Annual American Royal World Series of BBQ Invitational Congratulations Big Poppa Smokers and Iowa's Smokey D's Overall: 1. This may be true, but the underlying purpose is much more altruistic. [6] The area is also home to several large barbecue cooking contests, notably the Great Lenexa BBQ Battle[7] and the American Royal World Series of Barbecue, the largest barbecue competition in the world.[8][9]. Most notably, the Zagat Survey has named it the "#1 Barbecue House in the Country."[13]. (Wayne Mueller, Courtesy Texas Monthly Magazine/Wyatt McSpadden). Deguello BBQ 678.8572 Firefighting BBQ Team 678.2858 There is no overall BBQ champion at the end of season 4. [22]:120 Worgul said the sisters' barbecue "represent[ed] an artisan approach that cannot be replicated in higher-volume barbecue restaurants" and calls the location, a former taco stand, "the jointiest joint I've ever seen. 102. Other members of the Fiorella family told Jack that he was not permitted to use the Smokestack name for his new restaurant, so both the new restaurant (opened in 1997 in Overland Park, Kansas) and Jack's existing restaurant in Martin City dropped the Smokestack name and were rebranded as Fiorella's Jack Stack Barbecue. 46. . 145. Sweet Beaver BBQ 669.1426 Iowas Smokey Ds BBQ 688.0000 45. On Saturday, thousands of members from the general public came out for free BBQ meals, live music, cornhole and other games, mechanical bull riding, sauce and rub samples, and other activities. 36. Dealers PM Cookers 659.4280 3 Eyz BBQ 671.4282 Oh, and barbecue samplings, of course. Courtney and her brother Buddy competed in the 2022 American Royal Kids Que competition. The first smoker purchased was an Oklahoma Joes 24 smoker, christened in April 1991. Congrats Grant and Que U!! Jack Daniel's World Championship Invitational Barbecue . 91. Local Smokin Gurus 653.7136 When he was inducted in 2012 he received a heavy trophy with a bronze rack of ribs.