Im baffled., Suspect charged in fatal shooting in downtown St. Louis, Former Sweetie Pies TV star Tim Norman gets two life sentences in nephews death, Cardinals manager Oliver Marmol slams ump C.B. The tape, labeled your wedding day, showed travis tying women up and. The most damning evidence was videotapes that searchers found secreted inside a wall. Investigators later linked him to the murders of several other women in Ferguson, Missouri, St. Louis. Suddenly the ground gives way and they are struggling to stay above the water until finally you dont see them anymore and the water goes calm. One scene showed him apparently strangling one of his victims. Others vomited. Thanks to the horror fanatics at Reddit for the suggestions! At the time of the murders, he was a hotel waiter, and on parole for a 1989robbery. The details of his hanging don't really point to suicide.) Federal investigators focused on the computer-generated map. Also discovered was a vhs tape, labeled your wedding day, on which travis. Former St. Louis reality TV star James "Tim" Norman will serve life in prison for conspiring to kill his nephew. After she discovered that, she begged the killers mother to release her from the lease, but she was told she was responsible for the entire lease term. Authorities arrest maury travis and discover home videos documenting his murders. Photo by David Carson. She is a victim of serial killer Maury Troy Travis. As A&Es Cold Case Files revealed, the basement of McGhaws home had once been used by serial killer Maury Travis to rape and murder women from the St. Louis area. The stark one-man cell on the eighth floor of the St. Louis County Justice Center where Maury Troy Travis ended his life on June 10, 2002. On June 6 he called to say newspaper accounts of some of the murders were inaccurate. The following day, Stevik was found dead in his room. But in a letter Travis sent to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch which helped lead police to him he boasted of killing 17 women. One scene showed him apparently strangling one of his victims . Just hysterical, hyperventilating grunts and screams. As a child, he killed insects, and when he became a teenager, he killed his neighbors dog. Detectives realized there were similarities in many of the deaths: All the victims were African-Americans, all were prostitutes with drug habits and all had been dumped along roadways. The facility has an infirmary that includes a "rubber room" for inmates on suicide watch. As an adult, he turned his basement into a torture. Of the 25 students in my criminology class only 3 of us stayed in the room. The victim was discovered after an anonymous letter was sent to local Post-Dispatch reporter Bill Smith on May 21, 2002. Travis had . June 4 - Authorities put Travis under 24-hour surveillance. Hearing 900 confused people talking, including all the children, while they dont know theyre involuntarily committing suicide and it just gets quieter and quieter.fuck that, Investigators got 1,600 calls and possible leads from people across the nation after the videotape was shown on the national television program Unsolved Mysteries.. In 1997, 39 people took their own lives to reach what they believed was an extraterrestrial spacecraft following Comet HaleBopp. That list of victims was expanded to nine this year after the remains of three women -- still unidentified -- were found alongside highways in the Metro East area. So the FBI, using a subpoena, inquired records of any maps of West Alton made between May 18, the date of the newspaper story that spurred the letter, and May 21, the postmark on the envelope. Meanwhile, Mori Travis planned to take his own life. Maury Travis: A Serial Killer Caught by His Own Mistake, Alysa Greenwade, found in 2001 (formally charged), Teresa Wilson, 36, found in 2001 (Court documents link him to her death), Betty James, 46, found in 2001 (formally charged), Verona Thompson, 36, found in 2001 (Court documents link him to her death), Yvonne Crues, 50, found in 2001 (Court documents link him to her death), Brenda Beasley, 33, found in 2001 (Court documents link him to her death). An unreleased spine-chilling collection of photos taken inside the infamous Apartment 213 on the night of Jeffrey Dahmers arrest. Forum. It was Friday morning, June 7. - May 31, 2021. The content provided is in no way intended to provoke, incite or shock the viewer. Maury travis was a very, very disturbed man. Theres something so iconic about it representing the exact type of unmarked video you wouldnt want to find by accident in the late 80s/early 90s. But thanks to some help from the St. Louis Housing Authority, McGhaw was finally permitted to leave in July 2014. Some of his crimes, and videotapes of travis killing or abusing victims. He even managed to keep his own hands behind his back to keep him from instinctive attempts to break free. Victims remains. And then: 'To prove I'm real, here's directions to number seventeen.'. At the end of the video he kills himself. One scene showed him apparently strangling one of his victims. - He was called "The Street Walker Strangler" and the "Videotape Killer.". On one tape Travis ties up a woman, covered her eyes with duct tape, tortures and rapes her. The FBI turned to WorldCom Inc. to interpret the IP number, which gives local telephone numbers to connect Internet services to their dial-up customers. Magistrate Judge Clifford Proud in East St. Louis signs but seals court documents charging Travis with kidnapping and linking him to the deaths of at least seven women. The tape, labeled your wedding day, showed travis tying women up and. Maury Travis was a very, very disturbed man. He was a serial killer who predominantly murdered prostitutes potentially as many as 17 in the St. Louis (Ferguson, Missouri) area around 2000-2002. The federal case kept him in custody while prosecutors in at least three jurisdictions -- St. Louis, St. Charles County and St. Clair County -- considered additional charges. With Panther Rose, Maury Travis, Ashley Tru Ward. But, most shocking of all, they discovered a videotape comprising footage of his crimes. I wish I could get it out of my head. METHOD: Unknown cause of death. Maury Troy Travis Video Tapes. June 7 - The FBI and local police take Travis, 36, in for questioning and serve a search warrant on his home at 1001 Ford Drive in Ferguson. Maury travis was a serial killer who was active in st louis,. As an adult, he turned his basement into a torture. Travis was named in a Federal criminal complaint for the murders of two women. He claimed he took the lives of 17 women, but only 12 could ever be proven. Maury travis was a very, very disturbed man. The most damning evidence, however, was videotapes that searchers found secreted inside a wall. TRAVIS Maury Troy View source History . My videos should not be construed as legal advice. Day. Some of his crimes, and videotapes of travis killing or abusing victims. They realized that his release from prison in late 2001 coincided with a pause in serial murders. Reports indicate that the address belonged to an elderly woman. The house, it was revealed, was the very one used by 36-year-old Maury Travis, a man police say filmed himself torturing and murdering multiple women before his arrest in 2002. During his time in the electric chair, Davis bled profusely from the nose and suffered burns to his head, leg, and groin area. Saturday 11 June 2022. He allegedly killed himself in St. Louis jail, or he was killed by the police. At least two women survived brutal encounters with him; one was brain-damaged, and the other refused to press charges when police were called after she ran out of his home yelling in 2001. As an adult, he turned his basement into a torture. How about a morbid look into the cannibals kitchen? He fantasized about torturing women and murdering them. Maury travis was a serial killer who was active in st louis,. Same. His movements had created a ripple barely even in the cities he lurked. . And as for McGhaw, it can only be assumed that house-hunting will never be the same for her ever again. Even Maury Travis Tapes / Phantoms and Monsters: Pulse of the Paranormal . Newspaper clippings about the 17 victims that Travis had confessed to killing also littered the cellar. long. I watched the video of the ice pick guy killing his victim. That they weren't in pain anymore. Serial Killer Maury Travis (aka) The Video Strangler, was active for 3 years between 2000-2002, known to have ( 12 confirmed / 17 possible ) victims. He is believed to have killed two women: Alysia Greenwade, whose body was discovered 1 April 2001 in Illinois (after having been last seen in Missouri), and Betty James, whose body was discovered about two months later in Missouri (after having been last seen in Illinois). But it's 18 min. Maury Troy Travis videos and latest news articles; your source for the latest news on Maury Troy Travis . Less than a week later, Smith received an anonymous letter with a strange return address. Upon watching the documentary, McGhaw immediately tried to leave the home but she soon realized that her landlord was Travis mother. The company said that on May 20, the computer had zoomed in on the map of the West Alton, Missouri, area approximately 10 times in a chronological order to end with an exact match of the map sent to the Post-Dispatch, Jimenez said in the affidavit. Were missing five of them, said Mokwa. We have many At least two women have experienced brutal encounters with him but stayed alive. The charges also say that semen was recovered from the bodies of two other victims, Yvonne Crues and Brenda Beasley. Maury travis was a very, very disturbed man. On the internet, you can find pretty much anything, except for these five videos. Hegger declined to guess at a total but said at least two jurisdictions from outside the St. Louis area had become interested in him in connection with unsolved killings. After a few days after his arrest, Travis was found hanged on a makeshift noose in his cell in St. Louis County Jail. Maury travis was a serial killer who was active in st louis,. Struck in back of head and suffocated. I feel that way about the David Parker Ray transcripts. Clayton police, in charge of investigating the death, did not return phone calls. PLACE: Near mile marker 23 on Interstate 70 in Madison County. He was 36. Death. There is at least 1 that shows him strangling a victim but it's the torture that is the hardest to watch. When police in St. Louis examined the home of suspected serial killer Maury Travis last summer, they discovered a secret torture chamber in the basement, with servitude equipment, a stun gun, and clippings about his slayings suspected. The Spooky Story Of A Serial Killer's Basement. When Maury Travis was young, he was able to keep these desires under control for years. Maury Travis's home movies. He would sometimes keep the women he kidnapped in his house for days where he would.