I'm assuming 30 years ago those were all American made winches. That unless you work for them as I suspect. 4wd super centre also got their Domin8r winch for $395. #player63e73c6321ef6.h5vp_player { width: ; border-radius: ; overflow: hidden; }. It can get a little tougher deciding exactly which of their 12 volt winches is right for the vehicle at hand. If the motor now runs in the opposite direction you could have a faulty solenoid. I chickened out as I did not have a winch which most likely would be needed. The reality is that although the solenoid may be waterproof the control unit is not. Arduino Consult / Voltage Modifier / Glow Plug Timer / Performance Chip / Limp Defeater Project. Copyright 2022 Runva Winch. We hope the above has been helpful. Thank you! We offer many brands of winches from Novawinch, Smittybilt, TJM and Runva (and Redwinch on request), winches are available for different speeds, strength, voltage (24 / 12 volt options). This Runva is about 450.00 cheaper than the warn and I need a winch for my own 550 Expedition truck. Wireless control is also available. Much like the 11XP, the 13XP is pretty fast and will get you (or your mates) out of trouble quickly when the time comes. And remember, you always have the beloved double line-pull should you need that extra muscle . And while the differences between the three are minimal, they are worth considering.This article assumes you're after a Runva winch specifically and know more or less which size you need. This could be a sign that your brake needs to be adjusted or replaced. Its a great winch, looking forward to hitting the tracks after the wet season. Doing a brake adjustment is also not covered under warranty and falls under winch maintenance. Meet the newest in the pack - The Runva EWV12000 Ultimate 12v 4x4 Winch, Winch Motor: Series Wound (12V) 4.0KW/5.4HP, Weight: Aprox. Take the quiz to find out which overlanding vehicle best fits you and your travel style. The Runva 11Xp 11,000lb winch has enough pulling power for most large 4wd vehicles such as Patrols, Landcruisers, Rangers etc. The one time you need it it doesn't work because a wire has rusted off. Service from 4x4 Downunder is also excellent. This is one of the most frequently asked questions of many customers. It was shortly after that weekend that I decided to bite the bullet and get the barwork and winch so I can recover myself on our next visit to the high country. Always run an isolator so the control box isn't always powered. It provides unamatched durability, performance, and style. More Info. 0000002105 00000 n Runva has taught us how much it costs to build a better quality winch, backed by a customer service focus, and a decent warranty. $99.00. Not really interested in what the quality is, when there are American Winch companies that make quality products. Made my mind up. I have the domin8r in the GQ and i rate it very highly. They have said if you are pulling the right amount of load, it does the work properly. He is mad as heck and is always trying to get up the most hairy of tracks around his area and up the high country. But when it comes to recovery gear like winches, you should buy the best of the best for your safety. Check that all the connections under the control box cover is clean and tight. The Runva winch controller also comes with 7.6 feet or 2.3 meters of cord. Happy customer. Expert advice on Overlanding - equipment, routes, inspiration, overland blog. Great service and product. Pioneers in winch manufacturing, the factory was established in 1997. 0000016037 00000 n I serviced both the Controller and winch, found no overload sensor and by this time, I was in the shade of my garage. Most of the buyers left positive reviews about this winch. Then apply the +12V wire to the black wire on the solenoid. I've considered all other options and essentially ended up with the options of an old Warn XD9000 (or similar), a brand new Carbon 12000 winch or potentially but less like a Road Runner Offroad winch. Build tough, Thimble protects rope from the sun & weather without having to splice the rope, ** total_quantity ** | ** unit_price ** / ** unit_measure **. Check that your battery is larger than 650CCA (this is the minimum size that can be used with any 4X4 Electric Winch). If you have any questions before, during or after your purchase,get in touch! That makes the REVO 10S perfect for a typical three-tonne dual-cab ute or wagon. After a week and no call I called again and was again told the owner would call. 0000007914 00000 n Lives Up To It's Name. ARB Deluxe bull bar. Which you prefer really boils down to personal preference. And it also features a forged steel latch hook. No problem, I would just put a spacer under it which would allow it to clear but wanted to check with runva what would be best to use. The twin motors punch out an impressive 13-metre . We love hearing from our customers! Some other trucks arrived and a triton on 33" gave the track a go. Brakes on a winch is a consumable item and therefore not covered under warranty. Runva 11xp user for 2 years and replaced it after with Warn coz the runva keeps on seizing out. One of the lower K ones around. It worked for say 4-5 secs and stopped. Will definitely be buying again. The older ones, you used to be able to change it to make sure. While it shares the same height and width of the 11XP and 13XP, it comes in a full 48.5mm shorter than the 13XP and a comfortable 20.5mm shorter than the 11XP. Runva EWS10000 Winch. For instance, under the maximum load of 3500 lbs., the line speed of this winch is about 4.6 feet per minute. Recovery Winches 4X4 Electric Series From NZD $995.00. Runva Winches - 4WD Online PTY Ltd As the years comes to close, and most supplier are also closing, we will also be closed from 18/12/2022. This Runva winch is rated to pull up to 2500 pounds or 1134 kg. However, some of them left negative feedback because of the poor wireless remote control. Quality product, fits well into application. Tentang Tokopedia Mitra Tokopedia Mulai Berjualan Promo Tokopedia Care. Overall, Im really impressed with the Runva Winches in general and are excellent winches for their price. Please check your inbox and if you can't find your guide there, please make sure to check your Spam folder as well! In the last 5 or so years, the way we all think about winches has changed. I asked if I coul. For additional safety, both the motor and the gearbox are sealed in a weather-resistant box. Carefully remove the cables off the winch motor and re-attach. Most of their products come with certifications like EWN14492-1, ROHS, CE, TUV, ISO 9001:2000, ROHS, and so on. I also understand that you pay less for items manufactured in China. To be fair, it really should be the goto winch for anybody who's serious about their recovery gear and wants to ensure they're covered regardless of the situation they end up in. Check that all the connections under the control box cover are clean and tight. All of the winches in this article include the ability to rotate the gearbox on the winch, so you can position the clutch lever in such a way that it's easily accessible and out of the way. Older Post So he never opened the control box (I waited 4 weeks for someone to find out what i already knew and had told Runva). As opposed to the 11XP which comes with grey dyneema winch rope and the winch shackle thimble, the 13XP comes with red dyneema rope and the more traditional large red recovery hook. Very good service, received the wrong product and got replaced instantly without any hassle! 0000007259 00000 n Email:info@4x4downunder.com.au Or reach out with our live chat below. From More Info. Many people believe that they manufacture their winch in Australia as they are from Australia. ProductReview.com.au has affiliate partnerships. Never get stuck again! Without going into great detail an IP67 rating means the item is waterproof up to 1m below the surface and entirely sealed from dust and dirt. The large 36,000m2 factory is equipped with its own advanced Research and Development centre for careful product testing and development. However you can still order and we will send what we have in stock, the rest will be dispatch early in January. As an aside, their customer service/relations are not the best. runva winches, winches runva n15000i hydraulic winch r 20,695. read more. I highly recommend the 11xp and Runva Winches especially if youre just starting to get into 4wding. The Cons: A set of install instructions that cover every single install scenario should be included. You must log in or register to reply here. That being said I have had Warn winches mounted on my work trucks in Northern Alberta for over 30 years. Check that all the connections are clean and tight on the winch motor. Not as fast as a highmount, but faster than a XD 9000 Warn. This is a great safety feature, to say the least. But that's not your case so I'd say go for it. These are the first negative comments i've seen on the Runva's. A poor power supply could prevent your winch from working and could also cause damage to the winch motor. Safari Snorkel. Further details in the disclaimer. (Do one cable at a time so you know where each one goes). Anybody have experience with them? Review of Runva DK2 12V ATV UTV 3500lb Electric Winch, How Do Runva Winches Compare To Warn or Smittybilt (At Brand Level), Concluding Thoughts Runva Winch Reviews, Runva 11XP 12V 4x4 Off Road 11,000lbs Steel Cable, Runva DK2 3500lb ATV UTV 12V Electric Winch, Reasonable price for a long-lasting winch, The gearbox, solenoid, and motor are sealed, The inclusion of synthetic rope would be better, Comes with a handheld wired remote control, Comes with all the installation accessories, Comes with an automatic braking action feature, Comes with mounting plates and other installation accessories, The instruction manual could be a bit better, The synthetic rope version would be better. I was first introduced toRunva winches by a close friend of mine Darryl who purchased one and installed on his GU Patrol. Just run it in and out a few times once a month. Share | Add to Watchlist. Read a few reviews and seem good. Cheers, I keep looking for the loose nut behind the wheel, but I can't find it!! I had to use it in water and the pin which connects the winch rope to the thimble began to rust badly very shortly afterwards. BEST 4x4 Products Online. From 2" lift. Had a DTS Turbocharger system installed by berrima diesel, runs 10psi and chugs along. Any more feedback on runvas? This can often lead to rope damage and compromise the overall integrity of the rope and winch. Some customers reported that some Runva winch parts were missing from their box when it arrived. This could be a sign that your brake needs to be adjusted or replaced. Runva's newly released 11XP 12V Premium, with 26.5m of 11mm Dyneema Rope, comes with attractive extras such as a 15,000lb-rated snatch block, wired and wireless remotes, black powdercoated aluminium hawse fairlead, a rated bow shackle and shackle thimble attached to the rope's end, plus a neoprene winch body cover for applications where the winch I noted that the VR winches appear to be made in China. Check if there is power going to the terminals on the winch motor when you press the winch in or out buttons on your remote. And the length of the rope is 26 meters of 85 feet. I went for the smaller tank because I was putting drawers in the canopy as well and wasnt sure whether a larger tank would have fitted. 0000014615 00000 n It's been used in anger a couple of times now getting me out of the poo and has performed extremely well.. We had a warn 12000 on my 80 series. The top, however, is a twin motor beast designed for all-out speed. It is reliable and sturdy construction, its a great choice for anyone looking for the best 44 winch for the money. You will like that this Runva winch is equipped with a 3.2 hp permanent magnet motor and a full steel planetary gear. We started at Jamieson worked our way to Wood's point down to Walhalla and then returned home. I received the box yesterday, only to find out they did not ship my solenoid nor remotes. An often forgotten specification that directly leads to winch ability, or lack thereof, is the drum diameter. The Stallion 25000lb Winch by Sherpa Winches. We always recommend that customers confirm it will fit their bull bar prior to purchase. or 38 kg. I have since been baffled with the apparent quality of the components and have made the following observations: -Cables: Ends have not been terminated properly. When you go prepared, you get to keep going. Check that the main earth cable from the winch motor going back to the battery negative terminal.A bad earth could prevent your winch from working and could also cause damage to the winch motor. This winch features a 12 V/2.6 hp permanent magnet motor. Please note they warrant the solenoid to be 100% water proof. I don't notice any issues now with those Chinese VR series winches. We bought a Smitty built for our new F550 Rescue truck (Smittybuilt gave an awesome discount as we're volunteers) and so far I'm not seeing any differance in performance. Runva 3.5P 3500lb ATV Winch (Super Deluxe Package with Synthetic Rope) CA$329.99 Runva 4.5XP 4500lb 12v UTV / Trailer Winch (Expert Package) CA$279.99 Runva 9.5XS 9500lb 12v Recovery Winch (Short Drum Rock Crawler) CA$569.99 Runva 11XP 11000lb 12v Recovery Winch (Built-in Wireless) (TopGear Package) . Patrols Daring Battle With DEEP Fast Flowing River -. It's fixed to the winch body. Rather, they have their own factory in China for manufacturing winch of premium quality. Carbon Winches Drivetech 4x4 Gigglepin Winches Hidden Winch Mount High Mount Parts Hulk 4x4 Kinetic Rope Kingone Winches Rhino 4x4 Runva Winches 4x4 Electric Series; 4x4 Hydraulic Series; Accessories and Spare Parts; Compact Series; Industrial Series; Saber Offroad Soft Shackles VRS Winches Warn Winch Blanket Winch Fairlead Winch Rope Drivetech 4x4 Patrol 4x4 is the best Nissan Patrol forum to discuss the SUVs specs, parts, accessories, reviews, problems and more. CHOOSING A WINCH FOR YOUR VEHICLE IS A COMPLEX TASK. Used it in anger a few times. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. I advised them I had a trip to Tasmania in less than 2 months and needed it sorted asap. This may be a sign that the winch brake needs adjusting. hb``a``.g`a` @1V 7Te6AA%%%ceE 0A 6 TV endstream endobj 17 0 obj <>>> endobj 18 0 obj >/PageUIDList<0 8203>>/PageWidthList<0 841.89>>>>>>/Resources<>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text]>>/Rotate 0/TrimBox[0.0 0.0 841.89 595.276]/Type/Page>> endobj 19 0 obj <> endobj 20 0 obj <> endobj 21 0 obj <>stream We love hearing from our customers! Always inspect seals and ensure everything is nice and dry in the right places. Jeep, GM, Ford, Chevrolet and more. 0000007819 00000 n 16 0 obj <> endobj xref The usual terms and conditions apply; it can't have been in an accident, modified, run off smaller batteries than required etc etc. The smaller size is ideal for vehicles that have limited space in their bar or cradle, but would still like the strength of a 12000lb winch. No it doesn't. 11XP-12VD-BLACK-Premium Awesome product. However, the prices of the winches of these 2 popular brands are very high compared to Runva Winches. In these 2 years I have got seriously stuck 3 times. I wanted to smarten up the look of my new 79 and also protect the whinch rope from uv damage. 08 VX D4D, Lift, Safari Snorkle, Trailblazer Fridge, Custom Storeage System, BFG, ARB Safari Bar, Wife, Kids, Codan NGT HF Radio, Debt. Email:info@4x4downunder.com.au Or reach out with our live chat below. An IP66 rating means its resistant to heavy showers or spraying and entirely sealed from dust and dirt. 33kg (winch alone incl rope = Aprox. You must log in or register to reply here. Summit Plastics, Nanjing, China: instrument panel components. No.100 Wancang Road, Jinpan Development Zone, Jinhua, Zhejiang, China. Re: Runva Winch Wireless Remote Postby sibainmud Sat Mar 31, 2012 9:52 pm Short answer; No unless they happen to have the same frequency, but there is a few. Our local dealer for Warn is the one who told me about them now being made in China. View On Amazon. Rear eLocker . X-BULL 4,500-lb Synthetic Rope Winch $169.90 On Amazon Why We Picked It For lighter-duty winching purposes on a budget, the X-BULL with its 4,500-pound capacity is hard to beat. On the other hand, if you're after a high quality 12 volt winch in the unlikely event that you do get bogged, and know that speed won't be an issue, then this is a fantastic model. Check if there is power going to the terminals on the winch motor when you press the winch in or out buttons on your remote. Runva 11XP Premium 24V with Steel Cable. I took 6 weeks of constant emailing, calling and pushing Runva to come back to me with reply. huawei watch monitor 144hz kabel iphone . Please go through this before sending a warranty claim request as the problem may be very simple to resolve. 0000013403 00000 n Sorry can't help with those brands but also having 2 or better still 3 snatch blocks would also be handy so you can winch yourself out backwards when needed but that also means carrying extra tree trunk protectors and a couple of winch extension straps but worth it when your on your own. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Will definitely be buying again. RUNVA WINCH 11XP PREMIUM 12V WITH SYNTHETIC ROPE - 11XPPREMIUM12VD. Went for a quick drive looking for some tracks last night. However I always planned for a runva. It used to be close to biggest accessory investment people made on their rigs. If you're a driver who goes out with the family or his/her friends often and isn't scared to go exploring the more hazardous tracks, and most importantly, expects to get stuck often then the EWV12000 probably isn't for you. You will also like the inclusion of a wired handheld remote control with this winch. Did not buy a Runva winch, but bought one of their winch thimbles to use in place of the traditional hook.I had to use it in water and the pin which connects the winch rope to the thimble began to rust badly very shortly afterwards. Try both the wireless remote and plug in remote. I explained him what happened and he said Runva did not tell him anything about the winch turning on after a river crossing. Check that your rope is feeding onto the drum in the correct direction. Did the job with ease and the motor hardly warmed up, very pleased with purchase and performance. Later I found out I could have purchased everything they sold to me way cheaper online from sparesbox. The Runva EWV12000 has a fast line speed and can handle heavy loads with ease. It's strong, fast and like the EWV above, comes with a heap of extras. This winch has a pulling capacity of 12,000 lbs and features a 3-stage planetary gear system with 253:1 gear ratio to handle fast, smooth, and reliable operation. It's a great winch for the entry level off-road enthusiast and occasional explorer who likes going off-road but generally will avoid any track too difficult or perilous. Unfortunately there are often times no real alternatives, especially with electronics, but when I can, I try not to send my money to China.. I,ve only ever bought Warn winches, but I understand they are made in China now too? This happened a handful of times and got a little tiring/annoying towards the end of the trip. The next Runva winch on our list is perfect for overlanding vehicles. Although, there are a large amount of advertisements claiming that The ENTIRE winch is IP67 rated it is not. ), Asian; easily 10+ different countries from all over the world(including some less desirable politics-wise) supplying the parts. I currently own a 2016 Toyota Hilux, with lift, underbody protection, MCC barwork, snorkel and of course the Runva 11XP Winch. Did not buy a Runva winch, but bought one of their winch thimbles to use in place of the traditional hook. 0000004927 00000 n So, if you need to buy any spare parts for your Runva Winch, you can get them easily. My Main Reason's For Getting a Runva Winch, Which Runva Winch is Right for Your Vehicle, You're Only XX Away From Unlocking Free Shipping, Spend XX More to Qualify For Free Shipping, Nissan Patrol Crazy Desert Hill Climb! Is the clutch on the winch . Applauding your support of the USA/economy LRNAD90. At the same time, it is also equipped with a 3-stage planetary gear system. TJM 12000lbs Winch Review By Shayne 24 Apr 2013 Update: 3 years and 6 months later the motor no longer works. As always if you'd like to talk through your options feel free to, ** total_quantity ** | ** unit_price ** / ** unit_measure **. So, if you are looking to get a full-package winch for your smaller off-road rig, this can be a great pick. Generally IP66 and above is good. Included with all of these winch kits you'll get: All three of these 4WD winches include Runva's newly design integrated gearbox and braking system. Since the foundation in 1989, we are dedicated to innovate technology and improve performance continuously.Runva has grown to develop and manufacture a broad range of winches: electric, hydraulic and gasoline winch, from 2000 to 25000lb, which can be found in diverse industries of over 60 countries. 35kg (winch alone incl rope = Aprox. 31.4kg (winch alone incl rope = Aprox. MT LX570 Sliders . But whatever, this is so far off topic, I now need to apologize to the Original Poster, and I will not continue to muck up his thread anymore.. Quick. I have s xtm ( bcf) had it for four years and never let me down( touch wood) the same as super cheap and tigers eleven. Available in 12V or 24V and with steel cable or synthetic rope. Great quality winch. Of course there are cheaper winch options available (such as the EWL12000) but if you're looking for a winch that has all the bells and whistles of the 11XP and the 13XP, such as the IP67 rating, and the extra accessories, then this is the one for you. Runva 11,000 pound winch, safari snorkel. the problem is the winch is marked F1 in 2 places. Runva winches are sold in Spain under the name of Goldenwinch and seem to have good reviews, but I wouldn't think they are the best option for heavy duty use (except the hydraulic). Great service and product. Other winch guides you may be interested in: Smittybilt Winches Review The XRC and X2O Ranges. The diameter and length of the drum are 37 mm and 80 mm. Supposed to be built in Australia? Sherpa & Warn Winch. JavaScript is disabled. Warn Industries, Milwaukie, Oregon: axle assemblies. GU3 2003, TB48. Finally all Runva winches include their excellent 5 year electrical warranty (covering all electrical components of the winch), and a lifetime mechanical warranty. I have been using this from wa to nsw on a few off road tracks and all seems good so far. Does the winch now work in the opposite direction? 0000010847 00000 n Brakes on a winch is a consumable item and therefore not covered under warranty. Carbon 12k 12000lb electric winch review Happy to support an Australian company and after checking out the website, reviews and videos, I decided to bite the bullet and buy the 12k winch. Moreover, a few past buyers said it could come with a good instruction manual. Absolutely load of bullshit Interesting. 0000008448 00000 n Great fit in the ARB Summit bar. Very easy website to use. All rights reserved. But as we have said they dont actually buy low-quality products from China and then rebrand them. Promo khusus pengguna baru di aplikasi Tokopedia! And last but not least, the EWV12000 Ultimate is a great all round winch for the casual off-road explorer. The Click Title & Continue Reading . You have our word, no spam! Mate yours looks new and unused. Runva 11XP-S 12V 4X4 Off Road Winch Review - Best For Jeep/Truck. If on the other hand you're not sure exactly what winch you should be looking at, or even whether you even need a 4x4 winch please head over to our more comprehensive guide on Choosing the Best Winch for your Vehicle here. Best price inclusive of delivery. The 12V motor is rated at 5.2HP and is claimed to be IP67 sealed against dust and water . VMS4x4 3DX Portable 4WD GPS Navigation Unit, Got me runva winch from 4x4 down under good to deal with in shop and good delivery very happy, i had great service ,most other online sellers could take note .thanks. Then attach the rubber boots to the end of the power cables, and attach the power cables. Fits with plenty of room to spare. The first device in the line of our Runva winch review is the powerful 11XP. The Runva EWV12000 has a fast line speed and can handle heavy loads with ease. The Boab roof storage barrier is perfect size to fit between 4 tie down points in cargo area. And it also has the power in/out feature for winching both forward and backward directions. Join now! RLC Rear . 0000004484 00000 n Awesome product. Tank seems good, certainly no complaints yet. But we have to admit that the benefits outweigh the drawbacks, though. $424.95. . engine repairs diesel owners are now looking for an alternative to fit to their vehicle to avoid contamination creating issues in their engines. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. If the motor now runs in the opposite direction you could have a faulty solenoid. However once my winch arrived it would not fit on my bull bar and missed by about 10mm. Incredibly frustrating experience with RUNVA. runva winches, winches runva x20000yd hydraulic winch r 44,645. show: anchoring & mooring; boat accessories; boat covers & biminis; car and outdoor; compass & navigation aids; And it weighs about 85 lbs. This winch comes with a free spooling clutch system. If yes, the solenoid is faulty. BUT if you have an overly heavy vehicle and like to tow a camper you can always upgrade to the 13XP unit for extra grunt when you need it most. That means you can pull in or out the rope as much as you want with ease. The 11XP Premium is the glory child of the Runva 4x4 winch family and easily the most popular Runva winch on the market. Add to Cart. $3014.95. All three winches are fully IP67 Rated too. Along the way, he's gained in-depth knowledge of the novel challenges overlanders encounter and practical ways to meet them. But they would "help" me with half of the service and would sell me all the replacement parts at a "substantial discount", so I could have all sorted before my trip. This one uses a 6.5 hp series wound motor. I have read some issues with how water proof they are. It was in my previous 4x4 and was use about 10 times in anger and drowned and running under water once. E-mail: sales@runva.com. Would not recommend them to my worst enemy. )-electric-winch-with-synthetic-rope.product.100282207.html. So who's the EWV12000 for? Say a half decent Warn is around $550, the Carbon is $900 and so is the RRO. The winch is running slower than normal Our vision is to be a leading solution provider to deliver customer individualized product . Currently Red wire. GME UHF, kutsnake guards, Harrop diff breathers. Came with a snatch block and isolator. Remember to turn off the key and remove the battery terminals before you do any work on the winch. add to wishlist. It's also important that you check your battery before you head away on long trips to ensure its in good shape. If you want to get a Runva winch for your UTV or ATV, then this one can be a good option. The price difference between the three winches above is fairly negligible. Except for this, they have said this one is a great winch for pulling your smaller vehicle out of danger. I wrote a post on there fb page and they deleted it quickly, how do I attach a photo to show people the problem. Due to it's larger motor it's also a physically larger winch than normal. Try both the wireless remote and plug in remote. This one is also suitable for ATVs, UTVs, and other smaller vehicles. I have got out of trouble but it has taken hours/scetchy driving. Runva has grown to develop and manufacture a broad range of winches: electric, hydraulic and gasoline winch, from 2,000 to 25,000 lb, which can be found in diverse industries of over 50 countries.