% Change compares the most recent 28 day listen counts to the prior 28 days.Numbers -have- been normalized to WebDaily Schedule All show times are displayed in the station's local time zone. Movie star William Bendix played the title role of the lovable hardhat throughout the series. His show ran on nearly every network from 1932 to the mid 1950s. After losing t, by Damario Walden Hosted by Clay Pigeon. Debonair British actor Herbert Marshall stars as FBI agent Ken Thurston, "the man who crosses the ocean as readily as you and I cross town; he is the man who fights today's war in his unique fashion, so that tomorrow's peace will make the world a neighborhood for all of us." The series was canceled when Edward G. Robinson quit in 1942 but was resurrected the following year with Edward Pawley (and later Walter Greaza) as Wilson and Fran Carlon as Lorelei. Twangs of all stripes and stuff that ends in. Gunsmoke grew out of a request from CBS founder William Paley for a "Philip Marlowe in the Old West," and featured grimly realistic stories set in the vicinity of Dodge City, the "Gommorrah of the West," with William Conrad as Dillon. BBC Newshouris the award-winning flagship program of the BBC World Service, the world's largest news-gathering operation. Inoculated DJ plays songs and talks a lot. See a weekly printable schedule. WebThe Glenn Beck Program 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM; The Clay Travis and Buck Sexton Show 12:00 PM - 3:00 PM; The Sean Hannity Show 3:00 PM - 6:00 PM; The Ramsey Show 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM; The Glenn Beck Program 9:00 PM - 10:00 PM; The Joe Pags Show 10:00 PM - 1:00 AM A show that seeks to explore and celebrate the varied textures in which black and brown artists have expressed their experience of the world spirit over time. After a few standout bit roles in movies, Carson landed his own radio show on CBS, which debuted on June 2, 1943. Although he dutifully phoned Archie the manager each week, he never once dropped by. Transcribed from the immortal pen of Edgar Rice Burroughs and starring Lamont Johnson as "the son of the jungle". WebProgram Schedule of News 93.1 KFBK in Sacramento, CA Monday to Friday 4 am to 5 am - This Morning (with Gordon Deal) 5 am to 9 am - KFBK Morning News (with Same Shane and Cristina Mendonsa) 9 am to 12 nn - Rush Limbaugh 12 nn to 3 pm - The Tom Sullivan Show (with Tom Sullivan) 3 pm to 4 pm - John McGuinness How he turned a miserable, self-absorbed cheapskate into a beloved icon ranks among the great achievements in entertainment history. Fourteen-year-old Ann Gillis starred in the 1941 series, and Dellie Ellis starred in the 1942 version. I know many strange tales hidden in the hearts of men and women who have stepped into the shadows. The Baby Snooks Show aired from September 17, 1944 through May 29, 1951, with Stafford delivering a moving eulogy on the final show following Brices death from a cerebral hemorrhage. Wherever life takes you, Moody Radio is your trusted voice and friend as we journey together. https://www.whatismybrowser.com/guides/how-to-enable-javascript/. Listen Live: What matters to you. The program was an oddity, a western that began on television and moved to radio, featuring an ethical anti-hero whose mysterious origins were left untold until the fifth and final TV season. My CD's never skip, and I am in good health. wvog is the voice of the people. Science-fiction anthology series on the Mutual Radio Network. 7:00 pm. WVOG is a Chicago-based internet radio station and media company. After an early career in vaudeville and musical revues, Hope made his radio debut on Rudy Vallees Fleischmann Hour in 1933 and joined the cast of James Meltons Intimate Revue in 1935. 90.5 MHz. WebThe Glenn Beck Program 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM; The Clay Travis and Buck Sexton Show 12:00 PM - 3:00 PM; The Sean Hannity Show 3:00 PM - 6:00 PM; The Jesse Kelly Show 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM; Coast to Coast AM with George Noory 9:00 PM - 12:00 AM Late night drives somewhere between Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle and The White Castle of Fear. The series often featured guest stars who were announcers or actors for other suspenseful series, and many of the scripts were also used in other dramas like The Clock and Inner Sanctum Mysteries. Futile expeditions to the edges of good taste, bad morals, and ugly intententions. If it was written for the moving image, we'll play it. Radios last great detective series, Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar ended its run September 30, 1962 during the final week of network radio drama. Hi Mom! Friday, March 3rd. Secret Canine Agents is here to deliver tunes to enjoy, wallow, or fight someone in Spanish! Timeless stories and laughs from the past for today's SiriusXM listeners. Boston Public Radio. WebInternet Streaming Schedule for WVOG AM 600 Start and End times are station local time, not your local time Station: WVOG AM (600) Community of license: New Orleans, Louisiana Primetime. Bells goal with Radio Classics is to take you back to the time when the family gathered around the radio. NPRs Scott Simon reports on the worlds top news, features and entertainment to your Saturday morning. The Lux Radio Theatre began in 1934 featuring dramas from Broadway, but there was not enough material to support the show. Jack Benny and George Burns were best friends in real life and often were guests on each others programs. From Africa land of enchantment, mystery and violence comes one of the most colorful figures of all time. The show ran on radio through December 5, 1952. After a few standout bit roles in movies, Carson landed his own radio show on CBS, which debuted on June 2, 1943. The Mysterious Traveler was one of radio's greatest omniscient storytellers, introducing tales of mystery, science fiction and horror from the typewriters of writers/producers Robert A. Arthur and David Kogan. 11:00 AM. WebWVTF Music Program Schedule. Harry Nile, a former Chicago cop turned private detective, was played by Phil Harper for more than 20 years. A chimpified, sonic soiree of overmodulated, toe-stubbing rock and roll. jazz; easy listening; smooth jazz; San Francisco's Pressed and dressed. I am punctual, well-prepared, and dislike clutter. An exploration into the musical output of religious cults, new religious movements, and individuals of a spiritually inspired and divine nature. I like all the notes, in any order. Comedy/variety show starring Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis. WebNew Orleans, WVOG, 600 AM, 3:00 3:30 PM (CT) MICHIGAN. Vic and Sade aired from June 29, 1932 through December 7, 1945 and was briefly revived in a half-hour sitcom format in 1946. Dragnet introduced a new era of documentary-style realism. Go to program: BBC World Service 06:00 AM Mariami is a R&B popartist who grew up in New York after her pa, By Cadie Carlson showcasing the real raw talent & real chicago issues using music, entertainment art & health, to interact with the community. - WEDNESDAY -. Wherever there is mystery, adventure, intrigue, in all the strange and dangerous places in the world, there you will find--The Man Called X! It featured many New York actors and scripts by some of the country's best writers. After introducing his "Thanks for the Memory" theme song in Paramounts The Big Broadcast of 1938, Hope returned to radio as star of NBCs The Pepsodent Show beginning September 27, 1938. Hosted by Peter Sagal. All roads lead to New Jersey in six degrees or less. Hosted by Clay Pigeon. Judy's father Melvyn was the owner of the Foster Can Company, and her mother was a typical housewife. 7 FM - WWOZ, Mr PoBoy's Jambalaya Jam New Orleans Radio, WVOG 600AM - WVOG, New Orleans, LA Linked Repeater System - KB5AVY and more. BBC World Service delivers breaking news and information programming around the world, in English and 28 other language services, on radio, TV and digital. This is Tarzan, Lord of the jungle! Louise Erickson (who had played Judys friend Mitzi opposite Ellis) made the title role her own in a 1943 summer series and starred in the regular program from 1944-49. Hour-long installation pieces, murmurs in the dark, endless hurtling to the bottomless abyss! The Pinkerton Raid is a band that combines touches of everything from dreamer folk to campfire pop, to retro rock to create a sound that r, - By Clay Witt Starring Natalie Masters. Millions of radio listeners visited Duffy's Tavern each week, but Duffy himself was nowhere to be found. You seem to really fetishize the whole folk thing too which is obnoxious to us who don't even care. The final bell rang for Our Miss Brooks on July 7, 1957. The program was broadcast as a sustainer (unsponsored) series during most of its seven-year run. America In The Morning American Radio Journal. WebThe latest news, weather and traffic information you need to get your day started is available on the air at 102.3 FM and AM740, on KRMG.com and the KRMG app. John Brown starred as "Broadway," a fluent "Brooklynese" speaker who spun tales of old Manhattan. Ladies and gentlemen, the story you are about to hear is true. 1,468 likes. Radio Spirits' nationally syndicated radio program hosted by old-time radio expert Greg Bell. The "Robin Hood of modern crime" returned to the airwaves on July 9, 1947 with Vincent Price in the title role in a short-lived CBS summer series. Before television, before audio books, before podcasts, great storytelling dominated the realm of radio. And that noise without a beat and sounds like someones being pinched. Current Local Time: 8:38 AMTime Zone: GMT-6. Go on a sonic adventure into unexpected corners of the health and science world each week with host Maiken Scott. 1:00 PM to 1:30 PM UTC. Young was the only cast member to survive the transition from radio to television. Some graphical elements generated by GRSites, Drop a note to NotARadioStation@nowhere.com, (The directory only lists FCC Licensed Stations). University of Georgia, Athens, GA. Student run. Cincinnati's News Radio 700WLW! Coast to Coast AM. This serialized comedy-drama aired first in the mid 1930s and was later revived in 1957 with Peg Lynch and Alan Bunce playing their characters from Ethel & Albert. Guy Raz hosts How I Built This, where innovators, entrepreneurs, and idealists take us through the often challenging journeys they took to build their now iconic companies. George Hale Ric Tyler Rewinds; Hot & Cold; Maine Outdoors; Senior Talk; ADVERTISE; The detective show was based on an earlier program called A Man Named Jordan. Don MacLaughlin played David Harding, chief of the "United States Counterspies", a fictional counterintelligence organization. Superman, Dragnet, Gunsmoke, plus comedies from Jack Benny, Bob Hope, Lucille Ball, George Burns & Gracie Allen all originated on radio. Boyle's stories were collected in his 1919 book, Boston Blackie, and inspired a popular series of B-films, the radio series and a 1951 video version. The long-running series was created by Philip H. Lord and produced "in cooperation with police and federal law enforcement departments throughout the U.S. Gangbusters was one of radio's longest-running dramatic series, running from January 15, 1936 through November 27, 1957, and its classic opening gave rise to the expression "coming on like gangbusters.". Radio's greatest series of high adventure debuted over the CBS network on July 7,1947. Leslie Charteris' famous character first came to radio on January 6, 1945 with Edgar Barrier heard as the debonair Simon Templar. Big Town at its peak was radios highest-rated drama and was only eclipsed by The Jack Benny Program in ratings. Questions, Comments, Navigation issues, Suggestions, want to help?