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Little is known about Murrays whereabouts between her errands in Amherst and her car crash in Haverhill hours later, which likely happened at some point between 7 p.m. and 7:25 p.m. Whoops! Please bear in mind that he is answering questions asked. I did discuss the email with LE while answering their questions about the topic of the email. She also emailed her boyfriend, Bill Rausch, a U.S. Army lieutenant in Oklahoma: I love you more stud. Not calling her dorm room like he always has done is especially telling. Or Im a liar and Ive convinced my parents, the Murrays, the McDonalds and Mauras friends there wasnt a note when there was in fact one or convinced them to lie and join me in the conspiracy. Practically speaking I wanted to pass the information along. However, it could not be ignored that Murray had been dealing with numerous problems prior to her disappearance including her legal issues with credit card fraud, her worries over her alcoholic sister, and crashing her fathers car mere hours before getting into yet another car accident. She was a lovely young woman, inside and out. Hockey Now they are ongoing again with Julie. And ever since Maura Murrays disappearance in 2004, only alleged sightings, dead ends, and speculative theories have emerged. It is clear that he builds up soldiers around him, as narcissists do, people who will believe in him, that need to protect their self image, is very important to a narcissist. While she was initially upset, she seemed fine by the time we got off the phone. Maura and Bill Rausch. When reading the details JR has presented Im still shocked but sadly not surprised its definitely a case of reading between the lines here , we have never heard anything official about Billys alibi or clearance on this case. Maura was missing. Our initial assumption was that it was packed up. After that phone call - while his girlfriend is still missing - he goes completely silent for five days. That is what a narcissist does, they act every single thing out. every single thing is an .. act. She went on hour long runs by herself. I know I played it for them on speaker several times at the station. We can see clearly from this case, that he does not handle rejection very well at all. Rob McDonald and his wife Christine knew me and knew Maura. The disappearance of Maura Murray has remained a mystery since she went missing in 2004. They helped with the search. Washington, a horrible storm, and a literal race back to the bottom (no comment on who won). Bryan Kohberger Probably Cause AffidavitMap. She was reportedly driving through Haverhill, New Hampshire, when she crashed her car and got stuck in a ditch. Maura was recruited by Harvard out of High School, a pretty good university. It was a typical gas station, right off the exit. The thought was that bc the dog scent went east from the car and the police told us she was heading east. MAURA MURRAY - BILL RAUSCH AND THE FBI (MINDSHOCK TRUE CRIME PODCAST CLIPS)What are the Bill Rausch and FBI connections in relation to the Maura Murray case?. I totally get why folks do that but look at it from my perspective. While the conditions could have been different prior to our arrival, the fact remains that none of our footprints were masked over in the way you describe for many days. Few have done more to find Maura and I am proud to be associated with them. Atop one of the boxes was a printed email to her boyfriend, which detailed problems in their relationship. Looking back, I dont know if it was Maura, altho I believed it to be at the time. I want to focus on Maura tho and avoid the drama. "The court will learn that [Bill's] abuse of [the victim] began within days after they started dating and that [the victim] endured years of emotional and physical violence." It was ~6/8mi in length from what I remember. I think its telling that everyone who knew her speaks highly of her and for those interested in her case that is a great way of understanding her IMO. Liz at Large Performance/Dance Maura was the loveliest of girls, she really was. I talked to them about anything and everything that we/they could think of to try and help. Ive always assumed she was taking a break in a place she loved (her love of NH being something she often wrote me about), but I could be completely wrong. Fred Murray, and her boyfriend, Bill Rausch . Maura's mom, Laurie Murray, and Billy's mother, Sharon Rausch, later told the Massachusetts Daily Collegian, the university paper, that the couple had had problems back in 2002 but patched things . There is no third phone. The email Maura sent her HS friends that someone recently posted is a good source for that. I think there was an intersection a bit before you got to 116 but other than that there were no roads from that immediate right after the Saturn until 116. I do think the sequence of phone calls are very suspicious. At 4:37 p.m., she placed a call to her own voicemail. The vehicle was locked and the airbags had been deployed. I dont think its likely but anything is possible and everyone/everything should be looked at as Julie has said. In the same vein I dont see how it humanizes Maura to say that she and Kate had an orgy with respectable business men which was said by a common poster on this sub. From VT to ME and Canada down to MA. While Mauras disappearance is heartbreaking, there are moments when I find myself having pleasant memories even in the midst of a sad moment. Maura talked a lot about her Dad with me and he was someone she looked up to and someone who loved her unconditionally. And Bill "would also refer to [the victim] during sex as Maura, the name of his ex-girlfriend who went missing in 2004. Books ~ Gambling. Maybe four pumps. This may be tangential but was she worried that "someone" may be able to track her location by hacking into credit card payment details if she paid for anything l a card? Its possible she also used Yahoo messenger but given LE do not mention AIM, it leads me to assume they confused the two. Thats how we got up to Canada and down to mass. She then went to a liquor store and purchased about $40 worth of alcohol, including Baileys, Kahla, and boxed wine. We did not independently verify this, altho I wish we had given the issues/problems with the police investigation we later discovered (LE not interviewing witnesses, not calling phone numbers Maura called the day she disappeared, refusing help from the FBI, etc). Please reload the page and try again. (Her relatives later said there was no death.) Maura and I communicated via AOL Instant Messenger (AIM), and she also used AIM to communicate with HS friends. Many people talk about what are the chances when discussing this case. It could be a generational thing with the older officers considering a printed out email a note. That said, we had a v special trip that included a hike to the top of Mt. She would smile and laugh (or giggle) at the perfect moments in time. Bottom line: she was not kicked out and most likely would not have been had she wanted to stay. Though some have stuck to the suicide or accidental death theories, others think that she was abducted. I never spoke with the alleged caller from the Red Cross. It took a bit of time, maybe 10-20min altho I should say it felt like forever like most drives to a specific location. Quit making excuses for him, and Im not distracted by EL podcast or her objective to change the narrative. Maura Murray disappeared on the evening of February 9, 2004, after a car crash on Route 112 in Woodsville, New Hampshire, a village in Haverhill. After an initial search of the area, authorities learned that the missing woman was a 21-year-old named Maura Murray. In fact, we were going through flyers so quickly, a printing press co. in OH cranked out an additional 5k and overnighted them to us in NH the local office store in NH couldnt keep pace with flyer production. Advertise with Us, Sponsored Posts from our Partners Its a big bridge from incompetence to being involved. When her supervisor tried to find out what was wrong, all Murray could say was this: My sister. This was just four days before Murray vanished. A nursing student at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst, she had left campus earlier that day without telling anyone that she was going to New Hampshire. On Erinn's podcast . On Feb. 9, 2004, University of Massachusetts student Maura Murray crashed her car on Route 112, an icy road in Haverhill, New Hampshire. Did he seek and receive. She loved it there and I loved being there with her. I felt like she was revealing more of herself to me every subsequent trip and in my opinion NH was a home away from home for her. He calls all her UMass acquaintances, their dorm rooms and their cell phones. However, her phone was never used again. You ask why so many calls but for me I ask why I didnt try harder to see if everything was alright given she drove to NH on Monday without telling anyone. If she perished in the woods I would say her life, liberty and pursuit of happiness has been taken from her. Press J to jump to the feed. You asked about her mindset weeks leading up to her accident/disappearance. (LogOut/ I do know they listened to it bc I remember standing/sitting beside one or both members of the NHSP involved in the search and playing them the VM several times. So , after the wreck, could she have got a ride to a hotel and paid in cash? That said, Ive never found it odd Maura went back to Feds hotel room. I believe we confirmed that was unaccounted for as it wasnt in her dorm room. I remember her looking very distraught and very pale, Gordillo says. It made things difficult during the search which is why we would meet up several times throughout the day (with each other) to provide updates, check ins, etc./I do not recall LE taking my phone for a day altho thats certainly possible. Several photos from that hike are here: That includes treating people with respect and love in a way Ive seen few others emulate. I talk about this on Erinns podcast btw. Fit After 50 Reviews (Critical Warning!) Im open to anything being possible. Silly even! Change). Easy, Fred. That person is happy to share that fact, as my parents are happy to share that they picked me up from CT in their car, that we stayed at Wells River not a holiday inn, etc. Beyond cute, 100%! At 7:27 p.m. on February 9, 2004, a woman named Faith Westman called the police in Haverhill, New Hampshire to report a car accident on Route 112. In 2004 I was a Lieutenant (LT) in the Army stationed at Fort Sill, OK. I dont see how saying (over and over) she had an affair with a GA humanizes her bc its a lie. Mark Mcilyar Fitness Program for Men? . It's been called the "the first crime mystery of the social media age" due to Facebook's launch 5 days before she went missing. I knew she was headed east, Fred said. and he is a different person to Rob McDonald. But she didnt reserve a room. The NHSP informed us they tracked the call back to the Red Cross. Loose Lips I can say confidentially that Maura was likely not mentally ill. She did however have issues and challenges.